Please choose two main dishes


Cold Dishes
Assorted vegetalian diet meal
(fresh yuba & sesame-tofu & konjic)
House specialty boilled duck with soy sauce
Sashimi of lightly roasted bonito
Sashimi of thinly sliced sea bream

Grilled Dishes
Cut Steak - with house specialty yuba sauce -
Grilled ox tongue of Sendai specialty
Grilled head of sea bream
Grilled Patagonian toothfish


Boiled Dishes

Fried minced fish (with crab and yuba)in housemade special dashi soup stock
Deep fried seasonal fish with housemade sauce in Autumn-sp
Chawanmushi (savoury egg custard with steam soft cod roe)
Boiled head of sea bream with soy sauce

Fried Dishes
Assorted Tempura of seasonal
Tempura of conger (completely)