Academic Presentation


The Development of Innovative Three-way Catalysts via Solvothermal Reactions
Sato Lab

Supercritical Fluid Technology  -Cleaning, Functional material preparation-
Inomata Lab

Synthesis of Hybrid Nano-Particles and Application to Functional Materials
Muramatsu Lab

Fabrication and OSC Property of Oriented Fe-based Complex Oxide Grains by Microwave Irradiation
Takizawa Lab

New catalyst for automobile using organic-inorganic Hybrid nanoparticles
Adschiri Lab

Synthesis of Ceria Nanoparticle-Assembled Hollow Mesoporous Silica Composite Particles
Mikio Konno Lab

Catalysis for conversion of next-generation resources
Tomishige Lab

Next-Generation Advanced Mobility System
New Industry Creation Hatchery Center

Motor Technology for Next Generation Automotive
Ichinokura/Nakamura Lab

Recycling Technologies for End of Life Vehicles
Nakamura Lab

Automation of physical distribution and traffic using robot technology
Tadokoro Lab

System Robotics Laboratory
Kosuge/Kinugawa/Wang/Hirata Lab

Applying Robot Technologies to Design of Next-Generation Car
Uchiyama Lab

Frontier of Wireless Power Transmission
Matsuki/Sato Lab.

Development of In Situ Measurement Techniques for Lithium-ion Batteries
Kawamura Lab

Development of Thermal Barrier Coating for Black Automobiles
Maruyama/Komiya/Okajima Lab

Development of Novel Hydrogen Storage Materials
Orimo Lab

Nanoscale Imaging of Living Cells using Nano-Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy
Matsue Lab

All-Solid-State Lithium Battery by using LiBH4
Takamura Lab

Development of functional nano-eco materials for energy and environment in the environmentally benign systems

Tohji Lab

Development of Energy Device Material
Honma Lab

Green nanodevice by super low damage process
Samukawa Lab

Core Technology Consortium for Advanced Energy Devices
Samukawa Lab

Manufacturing Technology of Automotive Power Semiconductors
Sugawa/Ohmi Lab

Development of Combustion Sensor with Shaped Piezoelectric Crystal
Yoshikawa Lab

Nanotechnology Platform : Structural Analysis
Toyohiko Konno Lab

Ultra-low Friction Technology Area, Tohoku Innovative
Materials Technology Initiatives for Reconstruction (TIMT)
Kurihara Lab

Development of Non-destructive Evaluation Technology and Functional Friction Materials for Safety/Relief and Energy Saving
Takagi/Uchimoto Lab

Manufacturing industry based on science and technology to establish a safe and secure society
Shoji Lab

Creation of Advanced Mechanical Systems by Control of Nanointerface
Adachi/Takeno Lab

New Solid-State Joining Processes for Automotive Industry
Kokawa Lab

Advanced Manufacturing Technology Utilized Nano-Precision Machining
Kuriyagawa Lab

Development of Innovative Casting Technology
Anzai Lab

Effect of Build Angle on Tensile Property of Inconel 718 Fabricated by Electron Beam Melting (EBM) Process
Chiba Lab

Suppression of Crack Initiation of Metallic Materials by Using a Cavitating Jet in Air
Soyama Lab

Ultra Low Power Consumption Display for Next Generation Automotives: Spatially Imaged Iris-plane Head UP Display
Uchida Lab

Image Sensing Technology Breaking the Limit of Pixel Resolution
Aoki Lab

Future Created by Computer Vision
Okatani Lab

Functional Brain Imaging Prompts Innovations in Next-generation Automobiles
Kawashima Lab

Establishment of Minimally Invasive Cell Therapy for Diabetes by Introducing Interdisciplinary Approach
Goto Lab

MEMS Based Safety Systems for Automotives
Esashi Lab

High speed micro thermal imaging system using temperature sensitive paint
Tanaka Lab

Production of Low-Cost and Highly Functionalized Titanium by Controlling the Light Elements
Narushima Lab

Potential of Alternative Fuel Vehicle: Analysis of Disaggregated Cost Benefit
Managi Lab

Multiscale, Multiphysics Modeling/Simulation for Next Generation Automobiles: Catalysts, Tribology, and Batteries
Miyamoto Lab

Drag Reduction Mechanism of an Automobile with Inside-Fin Tires
Obayashi Lab

A Concept of Automobiles Aerodynamic Testing using the 1-m MSBS in Tohoku University Low Turbulence Wind Tunnel
Obayashi Lab


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Industrial Presentation


Automotive Industry Support using ITIM's Open Equipment
Industrial Technology Institute, Miyagi Prefectural Government (ITIM)

An acceleratorsynchrotronsuperconductivity research facility high-precision constant current power supply
Kudo Electronic Co., Ltd.

Industrial labor-saving machineryHikichi Seiko automatic machine
Hikichi Seiko Co., Ltd.

To a company making "only one"

Tohoku Electronics Co., Ltd.

In a development early stage the proposal of the die-casting form which considered quality cost by original casting technology
Iwaki Diecast Co., Ltd.

Color anodized
Kyowa Aluminum Industry Corporation

Plating Business
Toho Mekki Co., Ltd.

From Yamagata, we aim to technological innovation of noise filter coil
Ueno Co., Ltd.

We'll make Zinc alloy, Aluminum, Die-cast prototype, Casting parts machining of 500g or less!
Horio Seisakusho Co., Ltd.

Challenge to The State- Of –The Art Image Processing & Next Generation Vehicles
Tohto C-tech Corporation

Venture Capital for Innovation in Tohoku
Tohoku Innovation Capital Corporation

Contributing to the field of Automotive Electronics with Optical Technology
Hamamatsu Photonics K.K.

Create our future
Miyagi Kasei Co., Ltd.

We provide you the best solution with the highest technology
Daisho Denshi Co., Ltd.

Car Sharing System for Electric Vehicles
Toyota Tsusho Corporation

Inflection line matching algorithm "Advanced defect detection technique for

painting on mirror surface by image processing"
By three projects corporation

We'll provide "New familiar Hybrid"
Mycar-Plaza Corporation

Auto industry support through technology seeds
AKITA Industrial Technology Center

"LNG-DDF", Main figure in the shale gas revolution
Hana Engineering Japan Co., Ltd.

To provide our customers with the added value different from the other companies based on innovate material
NEC Tokin Corporation

Towards a leading manufacturer of next generation
Ricoh Industry corporation Tohoku plant

Searches for five senses functional sensing
Miura Sensor institute corporation

From planning, designing to manufacturing, valuation, servicing  of electronic devices
KTec Co., Ltd.

We propose an image inspection system of world-class
Inspec Inc.

Supported by high technology business that value
Altech Corporation

The goal of "technology-oriented company," We aim to meet precise and quick to your needs a "manufacturing".
MG corporation

"Complete Support" for Miyagi Industry
Miyagi Organization For Industry Promotion

Analysis/evaluation, investigation, and analysis technology for next-generation automobiles
JFE Techno-Research Corporation

We will support the manufacturing enterprise
The 77Bank, Ltd.

Efforts to the automotive industry promotion in Akita
AKITA Prefecture Department of Industry and Labor

The AKITA Center to Implement Vigorous Enterprises

Next generation hydrogen production process can realize Hydrogen Energy Society
Renaissance Energy Research Corporation

We can deal with mass production press process, precision machine process, mold planning, production, labor saving machine planning, processing, assembling, and so on.
Iwanuma-Seiko Co., Ltd.

High thermal conductivity silicon nitride substrate, heat sink material

" Iwate Center of Development for the Novel Human- and Eco-friendly Vehicles "
Regional Innovation Strategy Promotion Project
Iwate Industry Promotion Center

Reinvention of our eco-friendly molding factory
Plamoul Seiko Co., Ltd.

Challenge to the frontier companies in the field of magnetic transmission
Prospine Co., Ltd.

Our Key word is Speed! We aim for competitive manufacture.
KYOYU Co., Ltd.

Embossed carrier tape and electronic component manufacturing
OKURA Industry Co., Ltd.

SME Innovate in Next-Generation Automobiles
Aster Co., Ltd.

Automotive Components and Systems

Efforts for embedded industrial promotion of Miyagi prefecture
METAMiyagi Embedded Technology Association

Pursuing the Ultimate Cross-media Advertising.

Development of Industrial & Creative Vitality

Miyagi Industrial Association


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International Presentation


National Centre for Catalysis Research (NCCR

Parasuraman Selvam


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